Android slangs

Confused about all the hundreds of terms in the android world? Don’t worry! Here, you will find the most commonly used terms in  android and their meanings.

  • ROOT-You must have heard the term rooting at so many places and also be scared by the warning which follows saying “your warranty will be void and blah blah….”. In reality, rooting is a really simple thing. You must be knowing the ‘windows’ folder in your computer, right? Its the place where almost all the files of windows are installed. Microsoft usually provides write privileges to the user by default. Similarly in android, there is a folder called ‘system’ where all installation files are placed. You have the read access by default but you can’t write or modify anything. But by rooting your phone, you can easily write to the system folder.
  • CLOCKWORKMOD-Every phone comes with a recovery so that the technicians can modify the android. However, the stock recovery is pretty limited and allows you to flash the zips which are signed by manufacturers or do a factory reset. But if you want to do more than that like flash roms or create backups, then you need a special recovery like clockwork mod or TWRP. You can flash cwm to your phone through rom manager.
  • ROM-Ok so the reason most of you root your phones is to install new roms. ROMs are like custom versions of the android OS on your phone. Sometimes, you can also upgrade your android version through ROMs. ROMs are usually flashed through cwm.

Well, thats it for now. If you want help with anything else, please mention in the comments and I will be more than happy to help you.


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