Download free balloon throwing holi flash game

Holi game
The spirit of holi is in the air and we all are preparing for it! If you don’t know what holi is, then it is a festival of hindus in which children throw colors at each other. But we computer game freaks don’t want to go out and play. So, here is a holi game specially for us.
In this game, we are a fat boy who has to throw balloon filled with colored water at the pedestrians walking by his house. But its not that easy as it seems to! The pedestrians walk pretty fast and we are given only 25 balloons to throw at them. In the first level, we should be 60% accurate. It keeps on increasing as we progress through the levels.
I won’t bore you any longer and here is the download link


Prince Of Persia 3D

This story is set in the 12th century. It is the story of a humble servant who transformed into a prince- Prince Of Persia. Responsibilities also come to him and began the action of sword fighting. Help the prince in his adventure of seven levels.
direct download link