It is impossible to create a file/folder named con!

Shocked to hear,no? But indeed it is true. You can try doing that. Rename any folder, image, executable or ducument to con on a windows PC and you will recieve an error message. If anyone is able to do it, then just send me an image. Remember, you can’t even do that after space.
error message of con folder


Create a free rapidshare premium account

Inorder to Get a Rapidshare account, the only way is to buy one. There’s no other trick or hack to bypass it. Because rapidshare is a fast growing site with millions n millions of visitors. So you have to buy one rapidshare account to use all the privileges provided by rapidshare.
Here I’m gonna give you some tips n some easy ways to get a rapidshare account.
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Follow these steps

1) Sign Up For A Paypal Account click here

2) Sign Up For A Premier Account or Business Account..
3) When asked for credit card details simply say cancel. You do not need to fill it.
4) After Creating Paypal Go To These Sites